The 16 Best Places to Buy Throw Pillows Online

Online seems to be one of the best places to do your purchases without too many hoo-has. Especially in these days where you can do anything and everything right from the comfort of your bed.  Whether for sofa decors or any other brilliant ideas that you might have in mind, sourcing your throw pillows online remains one of the best shots you can take.

There are myriad reputable online shops that stand for quality and transparency. These companies also work around the clock to provide absolute convenience and privacy for their customers. And of course, it goes without saying that satisfied customers are no longer good enough. But, notable business empires are creating raving fans!

There are a million online shops where you can source your throw pillows. This is where confusion creeps in because you are spoiled for choices. We have curated the best online shops to help narrow down your market to what best suits you.

Whatever you intend to do with your throw pillows, this article explores different online shops that offer a variety of options you might need. There is a plethora of colors, textures, fabrics, and sizes you can pick from any of these shops that made the top of our list.

1.    Target

This is one of those places you go in intending to pick one or two items, but you will end up with an overflowing cart. This budget-friendly shop has fantastic home decors and the least you can do is to pick several pieces that will change the ambiance of your home. Their unique throw pillows come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is yours for the asking! The best part of it is the fabric on their pillows. The quality is the kind that will last you and your next generation!

2.    Bole Road Textiles

This Brooklyn design studio should be on your bucket list especially if you are into home décor. It is worth checking it out and spending some dollars while at it! You will love the quality of their hand-woven fabrics. But that is not all there is to it.

Their excellent pieces are carefully designed and handwoven in Ethiopia! Most of their great designs are a creative fusion of modern and traditional patterns. Their best design which has become quite a household name and you might want to check it out too is the Gey Pillow in Fuschia.

This design is bold, gorgeous, unique, and will most probably cost you an arm and a leg. However, we can confidently say that it is worth every single dime you spend on it.

3.    Joss & Main

Classy, affordable with intricate details is what makes this one of the most outstanding online shops for throw pillows. We love that you can shop by color, shape, and type. It allows you to handpick whatever you feel will improve the vibrancy of your space and interior décor.

One of their best pieces includes the Mcpherson Throw Pillow that gives you feel-free vibes. You can mix and match from their six subtle colors designed to create warmth and give that simple statement.

4.    Jungalow

Justina Blackeney designs and handcrafts these throw pillows to bring your interior décor to life. Her decorative throw pillows are versatile and a must-have for every interior décor enthusiast. It even gets better if you are a nature-loving shopper. You will love every piece and every design. You will find impressive options for what suits your different needs.

Some of their cozy designs include rainbows, mermaids, plants, and even animals. But that does not mean that you can’t stretch your options out of the nature-themed designs. The handcrafted creative throw pillows also feature fun patterns that represent different objects. The brand’s textured design is the best shot you cannot afford to miss.

5.    Goodee

You will no doubt be impressed by their ethically crafted throw pillows. Their designs live up to every promised standard with both the brands and artisans aligned. Oh, how you will love this tightly curated online marketplace! They are focused on sustainability. All their throw pillows are handcrafted from natural high-quality materials. You will love the abstract patterns and the mix and match designs cannot be overlooked.

6.    54kibo

This is Africa’s home of luxurious throw pillow designs. Their lux throw pillows among other curated items are handcrafted to celebrate Africa’s cultural heritage of splendor. Most of the designs are heavily borrowed from centuries-old techniques. If you want to give your home a touch of African taste, this is the go-to shop. The designs are extremely beautiful and functional. Besides that, this is a sure way to preserve Africa’s heritage of splendor for future generations!

7.    Zara Home

Every creation, every design has a deep underlying story. Zara Home throw pillows are no exception. Beneath the lush cotton fabric, there is an intriguing story that only art lovers and interior décor enthusiasts can read into. If you are a big fan of ruffle designs and the feel of cotton in your living room, perhaps this is the place that holds the key to your desires. They offer ideal options for minimalists with their clean and neutral options. This online store is vast and well equipped for all your interior décor needs. From kitchenware to bedding, Zara Home is the home to pick all your home items.

8.    Tamam

This magical shop is a brilliant idea by Claire Frost and Elizabeth Hewitt. The designs of all their items, throw pillows included are exploration themed. The concept of all these was birthed from their Istanbul experiences and since then, their wild imaginations and creativity have been unstoppable. Most of their textiles and items are a heritage from their Turkey, Asia, and India experiences. Their various prints and patterns are exclusively unique with most of their throw pillows featuring hand-blocked prints. If you want to give your interior décor a cultural touch, this is the go-to store for all your needs.

9.    John Robshaw

Have you ever imagined an interior décor dominated by Crewel Embroidery of Kashmir? Their sophisticated nonchalance and gossamer beauty can stand out in any room. Most of their throw pillows feature the Hill Tribe jewelry from Thailand. But that is not all. John Robshaw gives a variety of options to choose from their versatile patterns. From block-printed to hand-painted, the designs are hard to miss. With plenty of pops of colors, these throw pillows can bring warmth and radiance both to your living room and bedroom.

10.  The Citizenry

Peru artisans are responsible for these gorgeous embroideries carefully handwoven to create a sustainable interior home décor. But this does not mean that you can step up and add it to your patio resting couch or even the sunroom. It radiates all the excellence we all want to see in our homes. The throw pillows are uniquely and ethically crafted to give your every day the special event feeling. They are mostly sewn from the finest materials with thoughtful design. The materials mostly feature high-quality cotton and linen infused together or alongside other exquisite fabrics. The designs and patterns are well thought out and get all the attention to detail!

11.  Society 6

This is one big online marketplace where you can pick anything to improve the ambiance and outlook of your home. From phone cases to art prints, there is a lot that this shop has to offer. So, if you are on a shopping spree for throw pillows to improve your home’s interior décor, Society6 will not disappoint you. You can browse through their variety of pillows and other home items from the comfort of your bed. Their website has an endless variety of items you can choose from. One of the most favorite pillow designs from customers is the Exhale Throw Pillow. Soft, lush, inviting, and super duper comfortable.

12.    Minted

We love the fact that their throw pillow designs are unique, and they sometimes come with luxe gifts. It gives their customers the benefits of exclusive fresh designs. That’s not all. Their artists thrive in their uniquely supportive creative community. Who wouldn’t want to buy from such a shop? But wait until you hear more. Their giant selection of throw pillows offers a unique design with the finest prints you can ever come across. Thoughtful and homely, we can say. But if we don’t mention that their designs are also bespoke and handcrafted to feed the customer’s desires, we will be highly prejudiced.

13.    AphroChic

Whether you are looking for random house decors or specifically throw pillows for your bed and sofas, this Brooklyn-based shop has it all. From rugs to wallpapers. Their Silhouette Lumbar throw pillow is something you cannot just overlook. It is a must-have for every homeowner! This is because their pillow selection is soulfully stylish with fun options at your disposal. Bright colors with silhouette designs to give a pop to your interior.

14.    St. Frank

Their Star Muong Throw Pillow is worth every dime you spend on it. This block-printed pillow is unique, classy with soft vintage undertones. We love the allure in the soft tones of their colors. The beautiful checkered pattern is refreshing altogether especially with a touch of creative patterns here and there. This online shop is versatile, and it sources its handcrafted items from gifted artisans around the world. Do you know what this means? You get a variety of themes all in one shop. From African prints to Turkey handwoven materials!

15.     Lulu & Georgia

This is one of the most popular online shops for interior decors. Every piece, every item in their collection has a story to tell. The theme of this store mostly fuses British roots and the California lifestyle to design and handcraft their unique items. That’s why we have this feeling that you will love their throw pillows sitting pretty on top of your lush sofas! This store has a giant selection so that you can never run out of choices. They come in every style, color, fabric, and texture! Their Arches Lumbar for example is one of the shop’s best sellers. We loved their rust-colored fringe but as already mentioned, it offers a range of choices.

16.   H & M

We have all known this shop as one of the world’s leading fashion stores. But what most of us didn’t know is that H&M goes beyond. This brand has a home line that handles a variety of home interior decors. From rugs to the beautiful throw pillows. They are stylishly handcrafted with the best quality you can ever get out there. When it comes to the throw pillows, they are crafted from luxe fabric that is ideal for a well-furnished living room. The details in these pillows are also eye-catching with rich textures and colors beyond typical. This online shop enables you to stay on-trend and to give your home that luxury aura.


While you might find throw pillows in your nearest store, getting exactly what you need might have you go the extra mile. Thank God that extra mile has been reduced to just a click away. One of the best things about the online marketplace is that you get a variety of price ranges. There is also the aspect of versatility and exposure. Online shopping exposes you to stellar brands you never even knew existed!

Besides that, you get to broaden your décor horizons while at it. This simple act from the comfort of your home or wherever you are can and will completely redefine your perspective on interior décor. Take it from us, it shifts your idea of what aesthetic should be and keep you on toes with the ever progressive trends!

These online shops we have listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more but we have been careful to pick the crème de la crème. You can always choose to invest in what works all year round or what is currently trending. It is all yours for the asking!

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